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You May Be Entitled to Compensation

At Gomez Trial Attorneys, we understand that seeking legal action may not be considered until absolutely necessary. If you have suffered a stroke, pulmonary embolism or another cardiac incident associated with testosterone therapy, we know you have a lot on your mind.

But we want to stress that an attorney may be able to secure compensation to brighten your future and relieve you of any financial burden caused by this unfortunate ordeal.

If you choose Gomez Trial Attorneys to represent you, we are your voice. Our job is to handle all paperwork and medical records. We work for the best possible outcome for our clients at every step of the process.

When they are harmed by a medical product, people may be eligible for compensation for:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Demand Accountability

Men who have suffered heart problems after taking testosterone medication should seek the legal counsel they deserve. If you were not properly advised of the risks and suffered as a result, that is not acceptable. Send a clear message to the company that sells the product by taking legal action.

You were sold a medication meant to help alleviate some of your problems. It wasn’t supposed to endanger your life. If it has put your health in jeopardy, you need to seek justice.

Let Us Be Your Advocate

Contact Gomez Trial Attorneys today at 877-312-0105 or fill out the form on this page if you suffered a serious heart condition while undergoing testosterone therapy. We want to let you know how we be able to seek compensation from the company responsible. We want to make sure your rights are protected.

Case evaluations are always free with no obligation. Don’t delay, because the law limits the amount of time you have to take legal action. 

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